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EXPERIENCE Still Matters

When it comes to excellence in surgical procedures, it helps to know that Andy Courson, M.D. specializes in facial plastic and reconstructive and surgery. This enables him to provide high quality care for his patients, while utilizing the modern surgical techniques that have proven excellent results.

Our “Courson Commitment” focuses on patient centered care for every patient, starting with the initial consultation and only ending when each patient is completely recovered from their surgical procedure. Dr. Courson is board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology as an otolaryngologist/head and neck surgeon and fellowship trained in facial plastic surgery by the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Courson has quickly become an accomplished and well respected surgeon.  Therefore, he continues to remain devoted to his patients, staff, his work in facial plastic surgery, as well as to his community and family.

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What We Offer YOU

Dr. Courson and his professional team are pleased to provide the following surgical procedures:

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Building Your TRUST

Dr. Courson and the staff of Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery-Kingwood fully understand that deciding to have facial plastic surgery, or any reconstructive surgical procedure, is not a choice that is made overnight. Most patients can take months or years of self-deliberation before reaching a final decision; however, each patient is unique and different in their methods for making a decision.

What is not different is our approach to consulting with every patient. We give them the opportunity to gather as much information as they need, and to ask questions about their options. Our goal is to always educate patients first, so that they understand the details of any surgical procedure of interest. When patients are convinced that they are well-informed, and heard, trust is built. In turn, Dr. Courson believes that this ultimately helps patients make an informed decision.

If you’ve been contemplating one of the above surgeries, why not take the first step… Schedule an initial consultation appointment with Dr. Courson. It’s easy, just call the number above, or complete our easy online form. A staff member will connect with you to provide more information and assistance.


To consult with Dr. Courson, complete the appointment request from below, or call 281-649-7565 for information and to schedule your consultation.