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Chin Augmentation

A Closer Look at Surgical Chin Augmentation

Understanding Risks & Complications

With all surgical procedures, there are certain risks. Therefore, consulting with Dr. Courson and allowing him to assess your concerns is crucial during your time of consideration. Not all patients will make good candidates for chin augmentation; however, Dr. Courson will provide recommendations that will best fit each patient’s needs.

During the consultation, patients will be informed of certain risks, preparations, and instructions that are required before the surgery, as well as the full scope of the recovery process and follow-up appointments. With the new surgical technology available today, many patients may be surprised about the reductions in downtime, and lowered risks of complications.


Chin augmentations typically take less than two hours, and a patient may be discharged the same day. After surgery, the patient should stick to a liquid or soft diet for a couple of days, and can return to normal activity and exercise after 10-14 days.


To consult with Dr. Courson, complete the appointment request from below, or call 281-649-7565 for information and to schedule your consultation.